Introducing the 20th Anniversary Solution Kit of XS™ series AMWAY products!
We offer a carefully selected combination of AMWAY products from the XS™ series. This combination will help sports users of AMWAY products.
Includes FREE XS Magnesium Bars!

The limited-edition XS™ 20th Anniversary Solution Kit includes the following high-quality products to help you before, during and during your workout:

The limited-edition XS™ 20th Anniversary Solution Kit comes packed with the following high-quality products:

  • XS Pre-Workout Drink Ignites your energy levels for a strong start to your activities.
  • XS Power Drink Tropical Blast (FREE BONUS!) Contains four B-vitamins that help combat tiredness and fatigue while supporting mental agility.
  • XS Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Powder Supports your post-workout recovery and helps build lean muscle mass.

AMWAY XS™ Series 20th Anniversary Kit
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AMWAY XS 20th Anniversary Solution Kit